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Campus LPN/RN Nurse Remediation Program

Please print and scan completed file to then click on the Pay button to enroll.

        Due week prior to start date

Upcoming Class Dates:

4 Week November 18th

5 Day     December 16th

4 Week January 13th


Clinical site located in Bradenton FL, Manatee county. Please Plan accordingly.

Florida Board Approved RN/LPN Remedial Courses

Florida Board of Nursing Approved LPN or RN Remedial Program $1600


This is an online and clinical rotation based program. Students are required to complete parts of the program online, while simultaneously attending clinical rotations on the designated clinical days during the timeline of the program.

This course is for those who have one of the following;


  • Failed the NCLEX Exam 3 times.

  • Failure to work as a RN for 5 years and have a lapsed License.

  • Foreign Nursing wanting to be licensed in Florida.


This program includes:

Online didactic program (80 Hours total)

This program covers all areas of nursing and includes an initial exam to rate where you are in nursing knowledge.


Clinical: (96 hours total) 

These clinical hours are completed by our Online virtual nursing simulation program (48 hours) and (48 hours) clinical rotation. 


Online Virtual Nursing Simulation Covers the following areas:

  • Medication Administration    (300 meds to pass)

  • Dosage calculation simulation

  • Psychiatric

  • Pediatric

  • Obstetric

  • Medical/Surgical


First day/Orientation will be our campus, Based in Tampa, FL. Remaining clinical days are located in Bradenton, FL

Course Schedule: 4 weeks

Week 1 - Monday: Orientation & Clinical Skills Check off 9am-5pm

                 Tuesday:  Clinical 7am - 5 pm (1st clinical rotation)

Week 2 - Monday: Clinical 7am-5pm     (2nd clinical rotation)

Week 3 - Monday: Clinical 7am-5pm     (3rd clinical rotation)

Week 4 - Monday: Clinical 7am - 5pm    (4th clinical rotation)


Course Schedule: 5 Days

Monday:        Day 1 - Orientation & Clinical Skills Check off 9am-5pm

Tuesday:        Day 2 - Clinical 7am-5pm

Wednesday: Day 3 - Clinical 7am-5pm

Thursday:      Day 4 - Clinical 7am- 5pm

Friday:            Day 5 - Clinical 7am-5pm



Failure to submit required application documents within the required timeframe (1 week prior to class start date) will result in an additional $100 late registration fee!