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Med Tech Certification

Work as a Med Tech!

$60 Online 6 hour Course

A med tech is a healthcare provider who assists patients with self administration of thier medications. The State of Florida requires all Medication Technicians to complete a 6 hour course or a 4 hour renewal course to work in this position.

Where can I work as a med tech?

Assisted Living Facilities

Home Health Agencies

Nurse Registries

Private Care working for yourself

This course will cover:

  • How to assist with medications

  • Florida Laws

  • Side effects/adverse reactions

  • Transcribing physician orders

  • Changing medications as ordered

  • Recognizing problems in patients

  • Clarifying orders

  • Refilling medications


Performance of:

  1. oral, liquid, topical, otic, optic, transdermal, sublingual, ointment medications and inhalers.

  2. How to perform an Accu Check (blood sugar testing)

  3. How to change a colostomy bag

  4. How to put on TED hose

  5. How to use a nebulizer

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