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Is Veritas Nursing Academy an accredited school?

Our facility is approved by the Florida Board of Nursing as a continuing education course provider (#50-8489). Accreditation is not a requirement for facilities offering examination preparation and continuing education courses.  


What are the requirements to start the CNA class?

The CNA is an examination preparation course. There are no requirements to start the class. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years or older to register for the class and have a photo I.D for registration. Once completed with the course, students are then able to register for the State exam through PROMETRIC to become certified. 


What are the requirements to start the Phlebotomy class?

The Phlebotomy class is an examination preparation course. There are no requirements to start the class. Applicants are required to be at least 18 years or older to register for the class and have photo I.D for registration. Once completed with the course, students are then able to register for the National certification exam to become certified.


What is a Med Tech Class?

A med tech also known as “Assistance with Self Administration of Medication” is a healthcare provider who assists patients with self-administration of their medications. The State of Florida requires all Medication Technicians to complete a 6-hour course or a 4-hour renewal course to work in this position.

Where can I work as a Med tech?

Assisted Living Facilities, Home Health Agencies,Nurse Registries, Private Care working for yourself.

What is a Home Health Aide?

Offered as a continuing education course, a home health aide must complete at least 75 hours of training and/or successfully complete a competency evaluation. An HHA works at a client’s home. Home health aides work with individuals in their homes who need some help with activities of daily living or who need assistance with other tasks. An HHA is often assigned to an individual with chronic health problems. All home health aides employed by home health agencies and nurse registries must complete an HIV/AIDS training course also known as “CEU’s”. They also are required to obtain and maintain a current BLS certificate in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). 


How Can I Register for a course?

You can register here directly on our website. On the top of the page you will scroll over to “MORE” select “Register Now” and it will take you directly to the page where you will be able to register for any of our courses. Some courses do require a deposit, if required it will direct you to that section before you can finalize your registration. 


What is the Campus RN/LPN Nurse Remedial Program?

The nurse remedial program is a Florida Board of Nursing approved program designed for applicants who have completed and passed a RN/LPN nursing program taken their RN/LPN NCLEX 3 consecutive times and have not yet successfully passed. As well as previously licensed RN/LPN’s who’s licensure has lapsed and are required by the board to complete a refresher program to reinstate their nurse license. Per board requirements each student is required to complete 80 hours of didactic and 96 hours of clinical all which are offered here at Veritas Nursing Academy. Students are required to attend a total of 4 days of clinical at the designated site with our instructor as well as orientation first day of class. Students not within a close distance of our campus (Tampa, Florida) or clinical site (Bradenton, Florida) do have the choice of our alternative option (Distance Education) to complete the remedial program. 


What is the Distance Education RN/LPN Nurse Remedial  Program?

Are you not within a close distance from our school located in Tampa, Florida or work full time, and are required to complete a remedial/refresher program to reinstate your RN/LPN licensure or sit for the NCLEX? Our distance education program for RN/LPN’s may be a perfect option for you! Our Distance education course is the alternative option for students to complete the remedial program independently at a clinical location that is closer to their home in the state of Florida. Course hours are 80 hours of didactic completed online, and 96 hours clinical required to be completed within a time frame of 8 weeks. Student’s completing distance education do not attend clinical with the school or with our instructors, also distance education students are not required to attend any class here at our facility. In addition, students completing the distance education course are required to locate and secure their own clinical site, and have their balance paid in full prior to starting the program.  Enrollment requirements and applications for students completing RN/LPN distance education differ for students completing Campus based remedial program, see Remedial Distance application for more details.


How can I send my application for the Campus RN/LPN Remedial

 & Distance Education RN/LPN Remedial Program?

Please bear in mind applications for the campus based remedial and the distance education remedial are different. Once you have completed your application and are ready to submit, all applications are required to be scanned before emailed. Applications may also be by mailed, priority is always recommended so that your application arrives on time. All emailed applications can be sent to our registrar @, and all mailed applications can be mailed to "9250 Bay Plaza Blvd Suite 315 Tampa Florida 33619. Or you may drop off your application here at at office, we are open Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm.

How can I register for the Nurse Remedial Program?

First Step is to download the application from the “Nurse Remediation Programs” page, fill, sign and email the application directly to our registrar at Once you submit the application you are required to place a deposit on the “Register Now” page to be placed on the roster. All remaining balances are due a week before the class starts. 


How can I register for the Nurse Remedial Distance Education Program?

First step is to download the application from the “Nurse Remediation Distance Education” page, fill sign and email the application directly to our registrar at Second Step is  to locate and secure a clinical site. Once the student has secured their clinical site, the full course balance is due before they may begin the program. Last, after step 1 and 2 are completed and clinical site it secured by the student, our Director of Nursing will walk the student through the next steps to get started and complete the course requirements. 




I just completed my RN/LPN remedial program, how can I get my name sent to the Florida Board of Nursing?

Once you have completed all the required hours (Didactic & Clinical), and have no remaining balance,  only then can your name be sent to the FBON. You will be personally notified by our Director of Nursing that your name has been sent and a copy of your letter of completion sent to you. 



I would like to register for a class right now, how can I register? 

On our “HOME” page scroll over to the last TAB where is says “MORE”, scroll down and select “REGISTER NOW” you may register for the upcoming class open for registration and place your deposit directly on our website. Once you are enrolled you are then automatically listed on the class roster.  


Does Your school offer payment plans? 

We do! Student that register in advance can make payments up until the 1st day of class. All balances are due on the first day. For larger amounts an automatic withdrawal form is required to be completed. 

With the exception of (CPR, HHA, Med Tech), these courses specifically are required to be paid in full be you prior to attending class or starting the course. 



Is financial aid available? 

We do not offer financial aid. 



I can’t make class the 1st day, can I transfer to the next class? 

Students unable to start class on the first day are able to transfer to the next available class. However, you risk losing your deposit. Deposits are required for each class to secure your spot as we only hold a sufficient number of seats in each class. 




Can I transfer my deposit to another future class? 

Unfortunately no, due to our classrooms holding a specific number of students, your deposit holds your seat so that no student may take your spot in that class.




Am I guaranteed employment once I complete the CNA/Phlebotomy course? 

Once you complete the CNA and Phlebotomy exam preparation course you receive a continuing education/ test preparation verification that states you completed the training course and cannot work with that certificate as you are required to be certified and that only comes from taking and passing the national or state exam. 

What is your referral program? And how can get paid if I refer someone to your school?

Our referral program is a great opportunity to earn extra cash. If you refer someone who registers for a course priced greater than $250.00 and that applicant completes the course with us, you are eligible to be compensated $25 per person. Rules apply: The student referred is required to give full name and number of the individual who gave the referral to be eligible for compensation. Referral compensations have to be claimed within 30 days of the applicant completing a program valued greater than $250.00  If you are interested in joining a class here at Veritas Nursing and you refer 5 or more people, your class is completely FREE! 

Do you offer weekend classes? 

Our office is closed on weekends.