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CPR Classes Near Me

CPR Classes Near Me in the Tampa Area

Veritasis approved by the state of Florida to provide training and testing under many of the top Florida medical agencies. Many people ask the question- where can I find CPR classes near me in the Tampa area and we are glad to be the ones to provide this training and service. Many who come to use for CPR and CNA training end up becoming Home Health Aids after completing their courses. An HHA is a home health aide who works at a client’s home. Many times, they get assigned to an individual with chronic health problems and are needed to help with a range of services including:

  • Basic care and safety concerns for the patient

  • Emergency response and care for the patient

  • Clinical training for patient self-care

  • Nutrition, meals, cleaning, and hygiene services

  • Transportation services for patients to get to Dr visits

  • Assisting with medications and therapy services

Contact us today here at Veritas to learn more about our CPR and other Medical training classes!