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X-Ray (BMXO) Florida Licensure Training and Testing

Become a.... 

Basic X-Ray Machine Operator

What Does a BXMO Do?

Basic X-Ray Machine Operators (Also called ; Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography) work in Physician Offices, Clinics, Health Departments and Hospitals under 50 beds operating X-Ray machine equipment.

How to Become a BMXO?

A student wishing to become a licensed BMXO must purchase the test prep materials and review for testing prior to applying for licensure.

Our review specialist is a X-Ray Technicians with over 15 years experience.

This class covers key tasks related to assisting patients, along with the clinical limited X-ray procedures that you may be asked to help with.


  • Radiographic Imaging Protocols and Positioning

  • Radiographic Specialization and Positioning

  • Radiology and Imaging



8 Days M-Th for two weeks: 5-8pm $500 


Florida licensure as a BMXO is required with the Department of Health.

State application fees and testing fees are separate from the cost of attending the course.

By Exam:

Application Fee



Exam Fee (For BMXO to the ARRT)


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