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CNA Classes Near Me

Tampa, FL CNA Classes Near Me

The Veritas offers a Florida Board of Nursing Approved LPN or RN Remedial Program for medical students to continue their training and education. This course can be done on premise or remotely as an online training course and it is designed for individuals who meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Failed the NCLEX Exam 3 times.

  • Haven’t worked as RN for 5 years.

  • Have had a lapsed in license.

  • Foreign Nursing wanting to be licensed in Florida.

  • Needs a refresher prior to taking the NCLEX.

This program includes:

  • At least 80 hours of online didactic program time

  • This program covers all areas of nursing

  • Takes a pre-exam at the start to rate where you are in nursing knowledge

  • Online virtual nursing simulation program

  • Practical tips and advice for medical RN and CNA careers

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