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About Us

Veritas Offers CNA Classes in Tampa, FL


For those who want to become CNAs and get the training needed but who have as of yet have not attended a formal training program practicing for the big test is a must. The CNA classes in Tampa FL that we offer here can help to prepare you for the Florida CNA Examination at the Veritasoffice. Train here, study here, and test here! Our CNA program covers all the topics for written and clinical skills on the state examination. We will help you prepare for the exam and give you practical, real world tips and training simulations to help prepare you for the test as well as for your first venture into the medical field. At the end of our training course you will be tested by our faculty using a written and practical exam that will be timed and set up- just like the real test you will take to get your certification! Contact Veritas today to sign up!